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Active Shooter Defense Course

Active shooter defense course

Prerequisites for this course are Basic combat handgun, Basic combat rifle depending on which is offered and both if it is a combination course – NO EXCEPTIONS. You must complete each of these courses in order to be eligible to attend these training courses offered by Delaware Tactical.

These are 5 hour courses design to teach response/defense in an active shooter/killer situation. This is a live fire course where we run scenario based drills where you will engage threats in a multitude of situations. We emphasize combat shooting fundamentals, shooting and moving skills, use of cover, MAKING HITS on the targets, responsibility of your actions, and much, much more.

These courses are offered as:

Handgun only

Rifle only

Handgun/rifle combination


Equipment List: depending on which course is offered

  • One (1) open mind 
  • A Fighting rifle (Bolt, lever, semi auto not limited to AR or AK)
  • 400 rounds of quality ammo 
  • Minimum of 4 magazines
  • Magazine pouch recommended but not necessary
  • A Fighting Pistol
  • 400 rounds of quality ammo 
  • Strong side belt holster 
  • Sturdy gun belt (double thickness, dept store belts are INFERIOR) 
  • Minimum of  3 magazines, if you use low capacity magazines consider bringing 4-6 magazines
  • Magazine pouch recommended but not necessary

If it is a combination course then reduce ammunition to 300 rounds per weapon system

Safety equipment

  • Eye Protection 
  • Ear Protection 
  • Raingear (We shoot rain or shine)
  • Hat and sunblock 
  • Knee Pads (Optional)
  • Water

Active shooter defense course $150.00($50.00 deposit is required to hold a seat)

Contact Information

For more information or if you are interested in registering for a course, please call 302.222.7724 with the name of the class, date of class, if you require a loaner weapon and/or ammunition and a brief description of your firearms experience. All registrations require a $50 deposit, please state if you would like pay in full. You can also call or text 302-222-7724 and we can take care of you. Deposits are non-refundable, however we are willing to work with you to reschedule your course. When we receive your form, we will email you an invoice.