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TIER 3 Courses

TIER 3 Courses


These courses are next level training courses. Participants must have completed our basic courses and at minimum one or more Advanced courses and have passed a practical firearms test during one of the advanced courses. NO EXCEPTIONS. Participants must have an extremely high level of situational awareness, firearm function and safety discipline. These courses offer the participant the opportunity to train in an environment as close to reality as possible while conducting live fire.

Classes that are offered:

Live fire room clearing/ Home defense

You will move through a structure with multiple rooms and hallways to simulate protecting your family in a home invasion/robbery. Realistic images and threats in various locations. you will train alone and also with a partner. This is a great opportunity for a husband and wife to train to defend there home, work on communication, threat identification and elimination. THE top home defense course around! Do not miss out.

Bounding movements/communication

This course is all about team concepts in moving, use of cover and concealment, communication (especially with individuals you do not know) and threat engage in an active killer type of situation.

Vehicle defense

 This course is designed to show you how to defend your self from a vehicle if attacked, how to exit safely when needed and consideration under fire while in and around a vehicle.

These courses will be posted on the calendar page as they are scheduled. you may also request a class for your group of 4 or more and we will make a training day specifically for your group.



Contact Information

For more information or if you are interested in registering for a course, please call 302.222.7724 with the name of the class, date of class, if you require a loaner weapon and/or ammunition and a brief description of your firearms experience. All registrations require a $50 deposit, please state if you would like pay in full. You can also call or text 302-222-7724 and we can take care of you. Deposits are non-refundable, however we are willing to work with you to reschedule your course. When we receive your form, we will email you an invoice.